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Rules of the Hunt
Real-World Advice for Entrepreneurial and Business Success

Auteur: Michael Dalton Johnson


Levertijd: 7-9 werkdagen

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231 pagina's
ISBN: 9780071791380
Uitvoering: Hardcover
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Categorie: business >> management leiderschap
Trefwoorden: ondernemen  regels  succes  principes  
Samenvatting & achtergrondinformatie

Rules of the Hunt is unlike any business book you’ll ever read. You won’t find any trendy advice, complex theories, or unrealistic promises. Rather, you’ll get the kind of honest, down-to-earth advice you would expect from a trusted mentor.

A successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the trenches, Michael Dalton Johnson knows what it takes to build and run a profitable business. In Rules of the Hunt, he provides invaluable insight into everything you need to know—from practical skills like negotiating, recruiting, and time management to “soft” skills like mental agility and personal growth.

His advice will accelerate your growth and profits—delivered in a friendly, often humorous way through brief business anecdotes, short tutorials, case histories, an occasional rant, and a few horror stories. And, in true mentor form, Johnson helps you preserve both your physical and mental health during your chase for business success.

In essence, Rules of the Hunt teaches you what business schools can’t. Learn everything you need to know about:

LEADERSHIP—create loyalty, inspire trust, and motivate others
RELATIONSHIPS—form strong bonds with customers, employees, suppliers, and investors
SALES—engage and excite your buyers and close more sales
MARKETING—identify, locate, and promote like the pros
TECHNOLOGY—master today’s most important tool, the Internet
OPERATIONS—get things done the right way to grow profits
FORESIGHT—avoid pitfalls and plan for future challenges before they appear
SURVIVAL—maintain your health and sanity while pursuing your business goals
Successful entrepreneurship is both an art and a science, and in order to succeed you must know the rules. You’ll get them here.

With Rules of the Hunt, you have everything you need to outfox the competition, maintain your integrity, and actually enjoy your hunt for business success. Straightforward, easy to understand, pragmatic, and devoid of subjective theories and ideologies, Rules of the Hunt simply tells it like it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

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